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Presentation Skills Training

Presentation training is available to help professionals define or elevate their communications and presentation style. One-on-one, small groups or departments and larger interactive presentations help participants develop strategies and techniques to connect. This training offers a structure and path to create a vision for the ultimate in skill and style.

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One-to-One Consulting

This structure offers a private setting to get right to the heart of the goals and objectives of each client. One-to-one consulting offers a confidential environment to go deeper into the issues or concerns that may be holding one back from advancing their career. Focus is on all aspects of personal communications and better managing outside perceptions.

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Executive Branding

Executive branding is a process of examining a client’s core values, strengths, limitations and communication skills to determine their unique value proposition to their department, company and industry. With clarity around their brand, the client is able to better position themselves specific to their level of expertise to be the best executive asset to the people around them.

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“Shoana challenges us to explore all aspects of the communication process to improve our effectiveness. Using elements of the individual’s style, she helps develop authentic and unique self–branding that is clear and powerful. An insightful presenter, Shoana enagages her audience throughout and is a pleasure to work with!”

Graeme Auchincloss | Director, Manufacturer Programs, Automotive Finance & Indirect Lending, Scotiabank